Fair Trade Tip #1


Earrings made from recycled soda bottle caps!

Necklace made from recycled telephone wire and glass beads!


We have been busy these past months, but we have an UPDATE for you!


Tuesday. July 22, 2014.

Today was peaceful day at the market. Artisans gathered together in the morning for a meeting with the market mall managers. Then after the meeting they all went back to their stalls to began the day of sales.

There were only a handful or customers visiting the market. Some buying customers and some curious ones. Some from Germany, some from Brazil, some from India, some from the USA and some from Kenya. It is always an diverse and international day at a Maasai market.

The Prestige market has grown to about 40+ artisans and is expanding. It is good to see new markets such as this one grow. Though the number has increased there is still a need to support the artisans by purchasing their handicrafts. Their income depends 100% on the sale of their products.

Are you visiting Nairobi, Kenya anytime soon? Come to a Maasai market! Support the artisans there. Buy handmade products! Fair trade is the way to go!

If you are not going to be at the markets anytime soon, you can still support artisans in Kenya through purchasing a product through our organization, Heavenly Treasures! Yeah! Go to: www.shopwithamission.com and get your products today! Right now! Or make a donation to Heavenly Treasures to support artisans in their business trainings! www.heavenlytreasures.org

Asante sana and Karibu! You are most welcome to come to the markets, anytime during the week or weekend.

Why reinvent the wheel? How this question impacts handicraft artisans.

Reinventing the wheel


 “Just reinvent the wheel.” Recently, this quote was discussed in the marketplace. “What does this mean?”artisans asked.

It means to not create something which has already been created.

For handicraft artisans creating is their passion. In the marketplaces however, there is competition and work which has been copied and reproduced by others trying to make money. For some they would agree that there is no reason to reinvent something.

However, there are artisans out there who are creating new designs for their products and art. For these artistic and talented creators, they will reinvent what they create because it impacts their families and people they support. It also encourages them to think outside the box and improve their designs or come up with new ideas. It also means taking something, recycling it, reproducing it and making it into a better product.

May 10th- Celebrating World Fair Trade Day

 Simple Ways to make a difference on World Fair Trade Day:

0001-4Heavenly Treasures KENYA is a partner of the Kenya Federation for Alternative Trade!

Heavenly Treasures is a member of the Fair Trade Federation

Heavenly Treasures is a member of the Fair Trade Federation



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